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I Don’t Think Anybody Purchases Automobiles Just Based On Price


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From my perspective, the salesman:
Is it possible that people buy automobiles for prestige, comfort or quality? I don’t think anybody purchases automobiles just based on price. People want excellent service, value, fuel economy, image, extra convenience, performance, even special features, or more speed. This all matters once you are behind the wheel. In terms of savings, or safety or handling I would like to discuss with you which features mean the most to you.

As a teenager I saw an ad in the newspaper for a VW Bug. I had a ‘47 Willies Jeep which had taken me on several off-road trips. I was foolish and gullible and agreed to trade my Willies for the Volkswagen. I was told that I could get the title later. Instead, after I had attempted to register my trade, a few weeks later, I was met at the door by a tow truck repossessing what I thought was my Volkswagen. Now I had no car. I couldn’t believe that adults would deliberately cheat kids. I learned a very important lesson about car titles and the unprotected buying public. Older and wiser now, I am an advocate for the proper time and attention on all details for my customers. While assisting you with your next purchase I aim to earn your business by doing everything within my power to make it a positive experience.

From you the customer’s perspective:
Based on my experience buying a car is a life changing experience, filled with anticipation. Small experiences throughout life may contribute to how we as people conduct ourselves more than we recognize. People in general dislike the car buying experience. It takes courage to clearly articulate one’s needs. The challenge for people then, is to not respond to the perceived threat, but to the true situation facing them.

Your responses are necessary to formulate solutions that are guides to us in the negotiation process. Please don’t feel threatened or embarrassed, scared or intimidated, causing you to pull back, not bringing enough of your own ideas to the table. Business negotiation requires you the customer to engage in meaningful ways, rather than to avoid the situation.

From the dealership’s perspective:
Through the use of the Internet, and their information gathering, customers have driven the competition for their auto purchases to another level.

Even before the customer interacts with the dealer, by use of the Internet, it is possible to decide which vehicle he or she is interested in and even how he or she is going to pay for it. The auto business of today and the future will continue to be very unforgiving with little room for error. For years there was room for error in a dealership and yet it could still be profitable. Now the margin for error has been erased, those days are gone.


Author: itsbillsmith

Hello, I would like to tell you something about myself. I like interacting with the customer, helping them find solutions, and to that end I know my product line and how it will benefit my customer. So I pursue staying current with product knowledge certifications, and I have been this way since 1975, when I first entered the Car Business. This was also essential in my Insurance Sales experience especially since we had to create our own customer base to work with. Because of my background I put great emphasis on developing nests, referrals, and community involvement. If we have worked together in the past I hope this has been your experience. If we have not worked together yet, you may have a need now. Please contact me using my email or mobile phone number. Thank you, it is a pleasure to serve you.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Think Anybody Purchases Automobiles Just Based On Price

  1. This is very professional and if I lived closer you would be my first stop!

  2. Thank you for your comment. You were the first to leave a note. I hope others will as well.

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