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The Winning Dealership’s Culture

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ChocolateThe dealership’s culture is difficult to articulate and communicate. It is more important than price, as a factor of where you, the prospective customer, will want to do business. It’s a feeling, an allure of our company’s personality, the way it works and operates.

Deciding which vehicle to purchase is ultimately a decision that you are fully responsible for. A wise decision will bring joy and confidence while an unwise decision will bring difficult consequences. You will feel conflicted when faced with accepting a deal that feels questionable. This is not the goal of an ideal culture. Your finances set your limitations on how much money you can spend. As a responsible person to yourself, and your family, you should hesitate to stretch, rationalize, or accept false interpretations of your financial limitations all the while being attentive to the true need you are working hard to find a solution for. You are right to be sensitive to any proposal with a built-in enticement, which would have you do something that is definitely wrong for you. But, keep in mind what is required for your dealership, and its representative, to help you get the vehicle you desire.

The culture of the best dealerships will not misuse their customers, tempting them to go beyond reasonable boundaries. The goal is to earn your business, have you driving the vehicle of your dreams, telling others about your experience and having you come back for your next vehicle and the next, and the next, and so on. Today’s winning dealerships have a vision of developing a future built on repeat and referral business. This is more than encouraged by the manufacturers who rely on the distribution system for their own future successes. You, the customer, are ultimately important and the goals of the winning dealership center on your complete satisfaction.

As a professional salesperson I realize and embrace some simple truths. It is not necessary to misrepresent the facts, truths, or consequences to you, my customers, in order to help you make a purchase. I cannot work within a culture that would push me to comprise my principles. It is not true – “everybody is doing it”… it is not real – “I should not worry about it”… I refuse to give up or give in! My talents are not to be used in the wrong way! I do take full responsibility for my actions. It would be to my disadvantage to set aside my professional responsibility by rationalizing or playing the “blame game”. Why would I misrepresent the truth? I would not.

The winning dealership’s culture is more than a feeling you get. From a welcoming atmosphere; to an “I can work with these folks” experience; to finding a solution and leaving in your new vehicle completely satisfied, the challenges for the dealership abound. It is an elusive goal for owners and managers to stay on task with. Why? Because they rely on the frontline personnel that greet you and help you find that perfect vehicle. So, it must be a goal of anyone in my position to be aware of the contribution I make to the winning culture on a daily basis. Each moment counts! Every customer counts!

It matters to me.

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Author: itsbillsmith

Hello, I would like to tell you something about myself. I like interacting with the customer, helping them find solutions, and to that end I know my product line and how it will benefit my customer. So I pursue staying current with product knowledge certifications, and I have been this way since 1975, when I first entered the Car Business. This was also essential in my Insurance Sales experience especially since we had to create our own customer base to work with. Because of my background I put great emphasis on developing nests, referrals, and community involvement. If we have worked together in the past I hope this has been your experience. If we have not worked together yet, you may have a need now. Please contact me using my email or mobile phone number. Thank you, it is a pleasure to serve you.

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