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Quick and Simple Solutions at the Dealership

As my customer, you have choices :

  • Personal attention as a valued customer.
  • All the necessary information up front.
  • Your goals considered without the back and forth negotiation process. Continue reading

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The Winning Dealership’s Culture

ChocolateThe dealership’s culture is difficult to articulate and communicate. It is more important than price, as a factor of where you, the prospective customer, will want to do business. It’s a feeling, an allure of our company’s personality, the way it works and operates. Continue reading



I Don’t Think Anybody Purchases Automobiles Just Based On Price

Ask for Bill SmithWillys Jeep

From my perspective, the salesman:
Is it possible that people buy automobiles for prestige, comfort or quality? I don’t think anybody purchases automobiles just based on price. People want excellent service, value, fuel economy, image, extra convenience, performance, even special features, or more speed. This all matters once you are behind the wheel. In terms of savings, or safety or handling I would like to discuss with you which features mean the most to you. Continue reading