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Let’s Kick it!

Our son has a creative talent that operates out of the mainstream. After years of honing this wild imagination into the skills of writing he has written his first novel which will be a series. It has been out for digital download now for 2 months and has received 5 star awards by professional readers.

“Tear of God-Elements” is the first of a new series! You can be a part of its success by getting in on the ground floor. Pass it on!

The project is regarding a book, rather a series that our son, Raymond Henri Smith, is trying to gain momentum for. He explains it in his video. There is also a Facebook page with a lot of information and that page is either Raymond Henri or Tear of God – Elements. But, here is the nitty-gritty of what we are up to and trying to accomplish. With the right support this novel, now available as an e-book, turns into a series and – I think – a movie! Ground floor development is what this outreach is about.

If you follow the link and search for Tear of God-Elements it will take you to the project description and you will see options – I think on the right of the page – allowing for various levels of contribution. Here is another direct link (it may only work after you sign up) Tear of God Elements kickstarter You “sign up” or create an account with “kickstarter” in order to contribute. Only one contribution per email is allowed. Your contribution, at this point is a pledge, and when the support reaches the target goal dollar figure, which is in excess of $17,000, by June 28 then the pledges will be claimed.

Kickstarter is an organization that enables people like Raymond to initiate a project and tests the viability of that project by seeking support initially. If the support is there, in that narrow time frame, then the project is deemed worthy and is endorsed.

Thank you very much for your interest and for your support. Please relay the message to as many people as you can. A large base of supporters is needed in order to meet the objective effectively.

I am hoping that you will take the time to look into this opportunity and chip in. All contributions are much appreciated.

Thank you!


The message below is from our son, the author:

“The book is already written. The distributor already has the files. The distributor has already drawn up a quote. Those who have already read the book have given their endorsement. There is no risk to the paperbacks’ production and delivery.

The biggest problem would be fulfilling all the rewards. Those have their own production timelines. Mostly, the turnaround on those is faster than the printing of the books, but it would be a lot of inventory to manage. I will potentially have thousands of books and related gifts to process. I am okay with that and have plenty of extra hands willing to help.

There is only one way to eat an elephant. One bite at a time. I have an innate ability to focus on the details while keeping the big picture in mind. I am also in the unique position to be able to put all my time into the fulfillment of this project.

It’s huge. This is no small order. But I can handle it.”

Here are the titles for the “sequels” … the second novel is being written now!








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Happy,  strong, on the go and making it happen! Your energy level is tremendous and MaryMountainViewChevroletitsbillsmith.comyour days are filled with opportunities … keep on “vanin'”. Thank you for your business and trust – Congratulations!

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What is my experience with criticism about the auto industry?



I “get bumped” every day (someone offers criticism) and I have a chance to respond to “getting bumped” every day. When I hear disparaging words, about the industry and “those salespeople” my challenge is to remember – the auto industry is far from perfect! There is a lot of good happening, within the industry, and as a result of the social impact the industry has, as well. It is the reality of the industry today. People don’t know what they think they do, and that is because we have ready access to research tools like the internet, making us each an instant expert in what we want to research. As a result of instant expertise, or perhaps bad experiences of their own, or that of someone they know, people say things… Continue reading

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Amanda and Jesse

Amanda Jesse,,MountainViewChevroletChildren, little league, travel ball, work commute, beach trips, camping outings – oh yes there’s still more! The Town & Country will have to step up to the plate to keep up with these two…. Congratulations and thank you.

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Johnitsbillsmith.comMountainViewChevroletReady for”just about anything” and eager to get it done … let’s get started enjoying this new truck. TRUCK! Lovin’ and livin’ life … let’s go! Action! Congratulations and thank you John!

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Raymond and Alexandra

RaymondAlexandraandGirlsWith special delight and a priority of building on love, these little girls enjoy their daily outings in comfort and safety, in their Town and Country. A place of learning and private family time with many great outings ahead.