Communicating intelligently with you using digital media, while acknowledging today's marketplace.

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Bruce and Barbara

It had to be green and it had to have a manual transmission and NEW would be bonus!

BONUS round started that night … Congratulations!   BruceandBarbaraitsbillsmith.comMountainViewChevrolet


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Happy,  strong, on the go and making it happen! Your energy level is tremendous and MaryMountainViewChevroletitsbillsmith.comyour days are filled with opportunities … keep on “vanin'”. Thank you for your business and trust – Congratulations!

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What is my experience with criticism about the auto industry?



I “get bumped” every day (someone offers criticism) and I have a chance to respond to “getting bumped” every day. When I hear disparaging words, about the industry and “those salespeople” my challenge is to remember – the auto industry is far from perfect! There is a lot of good happening, within the industry, and as a result of the social impact the industry has, as well. It is the reality of the industry today. People don’t know what they think they do, and that is because we have ready access to research tools like the internet, making us each an instant expert in what we want to research. As a result of instant expertise, or perhaps bad experiences of their own, or that of someone they know, people say things… Continue reading

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Amanda and Jesse

Amanda Jesse,,MountainViewChevroletChildren, little league, travel ball, work commute, beach trips, camping outings – oh yes there’s still more! The Town & Country will have to step up to the plate to keep up with these two…. Congratulations and thank you.

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Technology and the Mystery Shopper

Working with the new digital world has been intriguing.

An all too common trend of late has been the lack of communication from Phantom Shoppers. The online shopper that sends a request for information, sits back, receives that information and then never replies and certainly will not provide a phone number. It is not surprising that they do not want to provide a phone number. The inquiries they send in, many times unknowingly sent in, will generate an awkwardly high number of calls from those of us that pay for this “lead”. I understand.

The consumer wants and deserves the best of service and honesty. In delivering that, I for one would like an in kind response… any response at all sometimes would be welcomed.

Communication as well as information is the purpose of all our new technology. Are we unable to embrace this new age with our common sense? Common courtesy is not a thing of the past. As a matter of fact, common courtesy is what most customers are yearning for. Technology has made it possible to hide and be less than courteous with one another.

That’s just wrong. Communicate – involve – encourage – promote – include – and continue the trend that was begun so very long ago….

Stay human.

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Some cars are just fun to drive. Some cars just look good. Some cars just get good gas mileage. … and now there’s the Stingray – FUN to drive, LOOKS fantastic AND gets great gas mileage.


What a package! Jon waited patiently and now the rewards…



Thank you for selecting our team to help you.

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Eric and Jocelyn

itsbillsmith Mountain View Chevrolet Jocelyn and EricCamping season, children growing, extended family traveling with… and the Silverado is just to cool anyway! Have fun you two. Congratulations and thank you.

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Ron and Sonia

Family travels are going to be great in the new Traverse! With children and grandchildren on the next camping trip the beach is going to be more fun… and the “tent” will be up and off the ground.itsbillsmith MountainViewChevrolet Ron and Sonia

Nice ride! Congratulations and thank you for your business.