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Itsbillsmith MountainView Chevrolet GreggA little more fishing time, much more family activity and stylin’ too. Great looking truck,  congratulations! Thank you for your trust and business.


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itsbillsmith Mountain View Chevrolet TamikaThe challenges of the last few years are finding their way to the rear view mirror. … . Taking control and carefully moving forward. Nice car! Premium ride! Forward……. GO!!!

Congratulations Mika.

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Eileen and Marissa, Mountain View Chevrolet, Eileen and MarissaEileen needed a car. Found a great Pre-Owned Altima that would work and they loved it! Mother and daughter are happy and reliable transportation secured.

Now … On with living life. Congratulations!!!

Thank you for allowing us to help you.

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Carpools are great – but your own car for the”off-hours” … truly GREAT!

Now she no longer has to wait for a ride.

Thankful to have had that help but glad to be able to offer the help now to others.itsbillsmith, Mountain View Chevrolet, Quiana

Congratulations Quiana and thank you.

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Tracking a Traverse for quite some time now, Noah,, Mountain View Chevroletcarefully planning the right move, working diligently to position himself to capture the right opportunity at the appropriate time … THAT was a great plan! Got it!  Congratulations Noe and thank you for your business.

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Les, Mountain View Chevrolet, itsbillsmith.comTime to get that elusive Avalanche! Had to be his color and nothing wrong with the 3LT level equipment either! We are very glad we had the right color for you Les and thank you for your trust. Your hard work is paying off!  Welcome to Southern California and … Congratulations!!!

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He has been driving a pick up truck for a very long time.  Now it is timeJim Mountain View Chevrolet for a SUV, golf bags, fuel economy and enjoying friends and family. Ahhhh the comfort.  Thank you for your trust and business Jim. Congratulations!