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itsbillsmith Mountain View Chevrolet TamikaThe challenges of the last few years are finding their way to the rear view mirror. … . Taking control and carefully moving forward. Nice car! Premium ride! Forward……. GO!!!

Congratulations Mika.


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Eileen and Marissa, Mountain View Chevrolet, Eileen and MarissaEileen needed a car. Found a great Pre-Owned Altima that would work and they loved it! Mother and daughter are happy and reliable transportation secured.

Now … On with living life. Congratulations!!!

Thank you for allowing us to help you.

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Mountain View Chevrolet itsbillsmith GlendaTime to move away from the SUV and toward the Sport Car Experience… What a ride!  Enjoy your new set of wheels.  Work hard – Play hard!  Congratulations!

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Elizabeth and Ryan

Made a decision to let go of the car that had served the family for 15 years. Cruze-n forward with Chevrolet. Congratulations as you keep moving forward gathering more of the sweetest memories ever!

Ryan and Elizabeth Mountain View Chevrolet


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Alicia and Eduardo

Alicia and Eduardo Mountain View Chevrolet itsbillsmith.comWork commuter and errand runner… not to much money and a simple transaction is what they were hunting for AND Alicia found just that!  Thank you for letting me and my team help you and your family meet their goals! Congratulations.

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Ms Deshone

Ms Deshone needed her own wheels so she could take her great-grandchildren to Mountain View Chevrolet, itsbillsmith, Ms. Deshonevarious places. Looking for help in all the right places, with guidance from Yvonne, she came here and found her solution!  Congratulations!!! Thank you for your trust and your business.

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Her other car couldn’t go on… Mardalia wasn’t about to stop, friends and family helped her keep going and now Jerry wanted to be sure she could get where she needed to be reliably and on time. Great choice Jerry! Congratulations Mardalia… keep on “Cruze n”

Mardalia Mountain View Chevrolet

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its Bill Smith Mountain View Chevrolet Michelle

The family is growing…

The family car had to grow too!

All Ronald wanted was, to know that Michelle is well cared for.

The baby’s happy, Mom’s happy… Ronald is happy. Congratulations and thank you!

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Its Bill Smith Mountain View Erin

It was just time for a change…

The Traverse will serve you well for years to come!

Enjoy and congratulations!

Thank you for your trust and your business.