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Her other car couldn’t go on… Mardalia wasn’t about to stop, friends and family helped her keep going and now Jerry wanted to be sure she could get where she needed to be reliably and on time. Great choice Jerry! Congratulations Mardalia… keep on “Cruze n”

Mardalia Mountain View Chevrolet


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Kesha and Ann

When you have Faith you can trust in the Lord… Energy and enthusiasm keep Kesha excited about life. Watching blessings happen. This time it was her turn to receive. NICE!

Kesha and Ann Mountain View Chevrolet

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Its Bill Smith Mountain View Erin

It was just time for a change…

The Traverse will serve you well for years to come!

Enjoy and congratulations!

Thank you for your trust and your business.

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Yvonne, Seth and Christian

Yvonne, Seth and Christian… With Mom’s new commuter. Cutting back on gasoline and maximizing mpg!


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