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Threatened or tempted with profit, do not compromise your convictions!

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Recently I was listening to Dr. Charles Stanley teach on the subject of having “Courage to Stand By Your Convictions”, using Daniel in the Old Testament as an example… What an example!

I was reflecting on my experiences, personal, familial and those of people I have met in so many regions of this land.  How true it is that God will step in, encourage, strengthen and guide us through times when we are challenged to step aside from our convictions.  Remember when someone would say to you, “You might want to rethink that action before you take it” or “I wouldn’t do that…” maybe they had their hand on your shoulder at the time or maybe they were standing between you and … you brushed the hand away or stepped around them and you did it anyway just to find out later that you really did NOT want to do that after-all. God’s nudges can be too easily compromised or ignored when we fail to be motivated by truth! Experience can be a painful teacher.

Recently, meeting so many people who have been displaced, who have had to redirect their work effort, who have had to restructure and rebuild their lives, I have been impressed by the convictions that some have exemplified. They are taking a stand that guides their conduct. Yet others seem to be oblivious to the reality that they are perpetuating a problem for themselves, their families and for generations to come. What is the root of the difference? Why can one person focus on the correction with character and the other not be able to perceive it or want conviction in their life?

Dr. Stanley hit the “nail on the head”… He stated “Godly character is a quality that is worth far more than anything you could gain or lose by compromising your biblically-based convictions.”

Who have you met recently that struck you as a strong, uncompromising, obedient Christian unafraid of criticism, rejection, failure or loss? Do not “trade-in” your convictions because someone is threatening you.  Do not “trade-in” your convictions for profit or fleeting pleasures – it is temporary at best, as is all that this world has to offer.

I have met some outstanding people of God lately! None of us have it all put together, but we rely on those who have the strength to stand up for their convictions.

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