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Chasing after Peace of Mind

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Recent studies, recent customers and my own perplexities have me thinking a great deal about peace of mind.

People like Steve, a recent customer who has worked hard at his career – a military career – are making it possible for us all to enjoy the pleasures of life with a freedom that many people in the world cannot experience. We feel blessed, and we should.

The career path, you and I are on, challenges each of us through hard work; involving sacrifice, strife, hardship, suffering and a multitude of disruptions. Distractions that keep us from finding a true peace of mind. We work to provide for family, for self and for community. We look for peace of mind in compensation, accumulated indicators that we are on the “right path” and we measure ourselves by what usually amounts to a “peer-group measuring stick.”

But God‘s Blessings are about the root values of living.

Focusing on the those basics can be very challenging. But there is a way to gain peace of mind by clinging to the root values taught in God’s word. Philippians 4:8 is one of our favorite passages along with the 23rd Psalm. Through these passages we learn to think on Whatever is: True, Honorable, Just, Pure, Lovely, Commendable, Excellent and Worthy of Praise. The Lord makes us rest at times. He leads us along paths that allow us to select the right action. The right path always honors Him and will lead to peace of mind.

Teacher James MacDonald of “Walk in the Word” instructs that, in striving for peace of mind we should hold out for the best in each other. You have to fight for peace of mind – that can be a real challenge in this world of mixed and messed up messages. He states “there is no peace in the mind that dwells on deception”. He goes on to say that the initial stage of gaining peace of mind, is to work at removing contaminants, thoughts and emotions that prevent “me” from finding peace.  Take action to: resolve conflicts immediately, stop the negativity, do not be a part of divisiveness… The enemy of my peace is anxiety, therefore be anxious for nothingStill Waters

Peace leaves the fault-finding mind. Hence, concentrating on Philippians 4:8 – “…think on these things”… find peace of mind by trusting in God.

It isn’t about chasing after peace of mind at all, but about resting, rest in the Lord, trust in God. Be still and Know that I am God” the scripture says. He makes me lie down, He leads me beside still waters, He guides my steps even as I walk through the valley…

As I rest, I’m hearing the calming, soothing sound of a slow moving deep indwelling “living water“. I am encouraged to rest in the Lord, even in troubled times, even in good times, all the while going through this life holding out for the best in those I meet. People that have dedicated themselves to excellence at what they do are all around us. How can I be better at speaking up when I see something worthy of praise? How can I be less anxious and more still?

Your thoughts?


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