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SteveSteve’s Gonna’ be styling this duck season. Clean truck with a muddy future! Enjoy it.


Author: itsbillsmith

Hello, I would like to tell you something about myself. I like interacting with the customer, helping them find solutions, and to that end I know my product line and how it will benefit my customer. So I pursue staying current with product knowledge certifications, and I have been this way since 1975, when I first entered the Car Business. This was also essential in my Insurance Sales experience especially since we had to create our own customer base to work with. Because of my background I put great emphasis on developing nests, referrals, and community involvement. If we have worked together in the past I hope this has been your experience. If we have not worked together yet, you may have a need now. Please contact me using my email or mobile phone number. Thank you, it is a pleasure to serve you.

2 thoughts on “Steve

  1. I went in search of a truck back in February, hoping for a 2014 Chevy 3500 HD with the new upgraded dash board. Well Chevy decided not to upgrade the dash boards. So I began to search quietly and just watching which vehicles were moving and where. In June, I decided I wanted to go after either a 2500 or 3500 LTZ or the 2500 or 3500 Denali. I searched high and low, looking and was pretty specific on what I wanted and needed.

    About two weeks ago, I left a message for Bill Smith and got a call the next day. Bill’s question: “how can I help you” not knowing how picky and direct I was going to be about it, I gave him a list of mandates for my new truck, and gave him two colors to choose from. I wanted EVERYTHING and didn’t have time to play around, just asked for the price.

    Well we had three potential vehicles and were hopeful for them, unfortunately it didn’t work out. I called him a couple of days later and Bill sounded heartbroken that he couldn’t deliver. I was not in a hurry and continued to look around. I spoke with a GMC dealer who wanted to give me what he thought I needed vs what I was asking for. I was just about to just quit looking and got a text from Bill. It read:

    “Got an option for you to consider, give me a call when you have time. and his number.” So I called him and read through the list of items on the truck and spoke to Liz about it. Well it was a Wednesday when I said “lets go for it”. He got the truck, had to add a few items and told me it should be ready on Monday. I agreed with him and left it alone.

    Friday he sent me pictures and asked what I was doing on Saturday. I told him I had just had surgery and was laying around the house. He said “Great, we will see you tomorrow”

    Bill and his bride Gayle drove my truck to my home 3.5 hours away with the paperwork and the result was the picture above.

    One of the best and easiest business deals I have ever done with a truck and Bill delivered just like he said with EVERY option I mandated and the way I wanted it.

    Bill, many Kudos for you and you will have referrals coming soon!

    Fly Safe

    Steve Walden
    United States Air Force

    • Thank you Steve. I was happy to dedicate myself to finding a way to serve you in exchange for the service you have given to our great country. You get to fly — that’s way cool!

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